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Update from the Middle of the Sea!
10 days ago – Wed, Mar 15, 2023 at 03:30:18 PM

The Dead Reckoning team has been hard at work since the end of the campaign to wrap up the pre-production work needed to hand off the game to our factories in China. This work involves our in-house team at AEG, plus a team of translators working on the German and French editions.

As the game has moved through the translation process the translators have helped us identify areas of the rules and components that can be improved. Sometimes the work of translation reveals places where words are inconsistent, or undefined, or don't mean exactly what we think they mean. When that happens, we review that text and revise to improve the product. The downside of this process is that every time we do a revision the text has to be returned to the translators for re-proofing. While the result is an improved product, it also delays us from finishing this milestone.

This is the most current information we have to share with you today:

  • EN has finished digital proofing
  • DE is in digital proofing
  • FR will enter digital proofing at the end of this week or early next week

Our production team is finally able to travel to China to meet with our factories and do on-site press checks and reviews. It's been almost three years since their last trip. But we're going back now!

  • April 1-11 AEG will be in factory (in China) press-checking all paper printing components
  • April 11-20 AEG will be in factory (in Taiwan) press-checking all plastic card printing

This will allow us to return to the pre-pandemic systems we had in place to ensure quality matched our expectations. During the long disruption everyone in China did great work to keep us at the quality level we need, but it's going to be a great relief to be there with them in the factory in person - the communications loop will be dramatically faster and we can make decisions collaboratively in realtime instead of via exchanges of airfreight packages.

On our current cadence for milestones, this is our projected fulfillment timeline:

  • June/July - ship goods from China to depots
  • Aug/Sep - arrive to Depots (first week of Sep)

Therefore we're planning on fulfillment in September for this campaign.

Expect us to close & lock the pledge manager and process credit cards for this campaign in July. We'll provide notification prior to that milestone as a reminder.

The BackerKit late order system remains available for those who missed the campaign, and if you backed on Kickstarter you can complete your order on BackerKit at any time. Currently we are tracking 1,305 Kickstarter backers who have not completed order checkout. If you don't have a link to this campaign on BackerKit, go to, and log in with the email you used on Kickstarter and you will be able to access your order.

--The AEG Dead Reckoning Team

Building Upgrades Part 3!
3 months ago – Wed, Dec 14, 2022 at 11:43:27 PM

Ahoy Mateys!

Thanks for all your feedback in part 2! We have made many updates to the buildings, and I have color proofs from our printing partner that I can share with you now. 

The Fort was built quickly by the First Mate and his crew using native stone from the island, with parapets to safely hide behind and take shots at would be invaders and interlopers.

The Outposts were raised using wood from the island, and is open for business bringing in what every good pirate and merchant loves, gold and goods!

For the Garrison, we have a choice to make and would like your input! 

Many have asked for multiple cannons, more in scale with the Fort and Outpost, while some of us like the single cannon which can show more detail and color at this tiny scale. The 3 cannon option is too small for the printer to apply 2 colors, while the single cannon is just big enough to give a clean 2-color paint job.

Which one do you prefer? The single cannon in 2 colors, or the triple cannon in 1 color?

Single Cannon option shown between the Fort and Outpost.
Triple Cannon option shown between the Fort and Outpost.

NOTE on colors: These are all the same pieces. The color of the buildings show better on the black mat, and they look dark on the island board. I'm not a photographer, so can't work my phone to make them balance right :D

Let us know in the comments!

Building Upgrades Part 2!
5 months ago – Mon, Nov 07, 2022 at 06:39:16 PM

Information Updates for BackerKit Orders!
7 months ago – Fri, Sep 09, 2022 at 11:18:32 PM

Legendary Captains,

The Pledge Manager is now open for all Kickstarter backers (and late orders). There have been some questions that we'd like to provide some answers for.


You can change your Reward to a different option after you've finished the initial survey questions. Please see this helpful page from BackerKit on how to do that:


 You will see an extremely high shipping cost until you complete the address for your delivery. This amount is the default that we use to indicate to people that we don't ship to their location; it's intentionally set ridiculously high so nobody thinks its real and will contact us if they try to continue. We are aware that right now Switzerland is not calculating correctly and we'll get that resolved today. If you live in another country we ship to and you are seeing a crazy shipping & handling fee please contact Please see the list of countries we ship to in the Shipping section of the main campaign page before contacting us.


If you chose the $5 Reward in the Kickstarter and you don't change your Reward in BackerKit, you won't get the benefit of the $5 payment. Instead, change your Reward to something else and the $5 will be credited against the Reward price. We're going to investigate to see if there's a better way to handle this with BackerKit; the issue is that BackerKit imports the data on Rewards directly from KS, and the $5 Reward has a $5 cost so if you don't change your Reward and just do add-ons to a $5 Reward, the $5 isn't giving you a credit.


We set the shipping cost to the EU+ for the Letters of Marque Reward artificially low. As soon as you add an add-on to a Letters of Marque Reward, the system calculates the "real" shipping & handling cost, and the next weight increment takes the cost up to $25. This is not an error, and it doesn't mean it costs $10 to ship an add-on.

5: VAT

We've had some questions about VAT. VAT is incredibly complex. Our best understanding of our obligation is that we'll pay VAT in Germany, and then various EU and other tax treaties take effect and VAT gets distributed to the various countries where you live. We pay the German VAT which is 20% regardless of where your package is delivered.

When we calculate shipping, handling, VAT and other tax we underestimate which means that we pay more than we collect from you, so we make no profit on that part of the transaction (and in fact we expect to lose a little). This year is going to be particularly risky for us because the UK/USD and EU/USD exchange rates are ahisorically low and will likely be higher when we have to pay these costs next year so we'll lose even more in the foreign exchange fluctuation.


If you have any other questions please email and we'll do our best to address them!

-- The AEG Dead Reckoning Team

Shipping for EU+ Orders for Letters of Marque has been Corrected
7 months ago – Thu, Sep 08, 2022 at 09:08:11 PM

Dear Backers,

The shipping for the Letters of Marque Reward has been corrected for EU+ delivery and is now the correct $15 price. Sorry for the confusion!

-- The AEG Dead Reckoning Team